About AMB Contracting

Due to the scare natural resources, the increase in population and in urbanization, we are obliged as a society and therefore as a company to collectively revisit our traditional models and try to put more innovative and sustainable techniques to save our resources. Remodeling the consumption as well as recycling of resources is essential in order to rise to the challenges that our world is facing. 

We are experts in solid waste and working hard in the Middle East to be a major player in setting the path for proper management of this sector in a region where this sector is still undeveloped. Our main target is to promote recycling, recovering and producing secondary raw materials and alternative resources.  We will reach that goal by supporting our customers as they change from a linear model, which over consumes resources, to a circular model, aiming to recycle and recover them for future use.

A more sustainable use of our resources is the only way forward for saving our future generation, and we, at AMB contracting, are strongly committed too. We strive to be the leader of this revolution in the ME. 


We envision a world where natural resources are preserved and used wisely and we have a clean and healthy environment we live in.


In a world where natural resources are becoming limited and consumption is rising, we strive to do the utmost efforts and implement best practices to protect the earth resources, optimizing efficient use and produce new resources. Keeping our ultimate mission to secure the resources essential to our future generations. We endeavor to combine the best of international skills and methods with the needs in the Middle East and the Gulf with a deep understanding of resources versus requirements.

Our Values

Our values provide the grounds for our company’s practices:

  •  Environmental Stewardship
  •  Integrity & Honesty
  •  Teamwork
  •  Continuous Improvement


We intend to be a major playing in the Middle East in resource conservation. We will achieve this by pursuing two major strategies: executing the business by converging to a circular economy and digital technology.

Work in places where others can’t work where we will improve the management of resources in developing markets where improvements are necessary and urgent.

We thrive to be the major player in the recycling and recovery of waste and a leader in the reuse of new resources like derived fuel. We intend to perfect the recovery of activities, particularly the following:

  • Material recovery
  • Improve sorting at source
  • Improve quality of composted material
  • Waste to energy: work on alternative ways for waste recovery through the production of recovered solid fuels that can be used as new types of fuels.
  • Integrate smart solutions and the Internet of things in waste recovery and management. This is already in the core business of AMB holding through our subsidiary Smartcom.
    This will have a direct impact on the efficiency of the workflow and help in the development of advanced solution that will help in the establishment of our main target of smart futuristic energy efficient cities.