Design and Construction of Sorting plants

AMB Contracting has the capability to provide innovative and sustainable environmental management solutions for the design and construction of Material Recovery Facilities. We integrate the latest technologies to create the most efficient sorting process, which can be a mix of mechanical and manual sorting.

Design and Construction of Composting plants

We design and construct composting treatment plants tailored to the specific type of organic waste produced. With our experience, we are able to incorporate the latest studies and operation methods to find the proper solutions, taking into consideration all related stakeholders.  

Operation of sorting and composting plants

AMB aims to achieve a zero waste methodology through the operation of Materials Recovery and Composting plants. We will maintain our position by offering state of the art technologies for the sorting of waste, composting, and production of energy.  

Waste collection and city cleaning

We provide cost-effective waste collection services for municipal, residential and commercial customers from disposal sites to the specified treatment plants, in addition to the street sweeping services.