Design and Construction of Sorting plants

Our design of a sorting plants insure an easy work to have a success treatment of waste by designing and constructing a feasible sorting systems, and produce modular plants which can be modified to accommodate higher workloads. We design and construct a complete plants for the treatment of various types of waste.

Design and Construction of Composting plants

AMB Contracting design, construct the composting plants and take into considerations all the factors that affect the composting procedure and the aesthetics parts of this kind of plants since it’s an important part of the design, in order to form a substantial contribution to its integration with its surroundings and better acceptance by the public.

Operation of sorting and composting plants

AMB Contracting can offer a customized, complete solutions, on the track toward sustainability through our expertise in Waste Management and Composting process, we can design suitable sustainable programs. We also have the operational experience and resources to implement, manage, track and measure results of those programs.

Waste collection and city cleaning

We provide solid waste collection services from containers placed at defined sites and transportation of this waste to a specific waste disposal sites and street cleaning services.